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Sewa means "to give" in Sanskrit. Sewa can be given in selfless service, money or through thought- for the betterment of others.

Sewa Week project started 11 years ago with 10 people and it is a project that has flourished to Sewa Day. Last year 75,000 volunteers in 25 countries did voluntary or sewa work on this day. www.sewaday.org. To date projects have been to help relieve hardship, bring joy and help the environment.

The next phase to Sewa Week is to have sustained monetary collection for charity. How? SAMOSA AND COFFEE Mornings

How can you be involved?

Provide samosas and coffee to work mates, clients, customers and friends for a DONATION. We can send you a Pack to your work place. It is simple. Join us on 5th Oct. for the launch of the Samosa and Coffee Mornings.

Samosas can be bought from various places including frozen from major supermarkets or cooked from various places.

This year we are collecting amongst other charities for VHP Ilford Land Project and a children's charity - Mother Miracle.

Come and join this exciting project. For further assistance please do contact us.


Sewa Day nationally is on Sunday 4th October 2015. For more national event info visit: our national sewa day homepage
Sewa International Homepage:www.sewainternational.com
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