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What is Sewa?
Sewa also Seva, derived from Sanskrit, refers to "selfless service", work or service performed without any thought of reward or personal benefit.

What is Sewa Week?
Sewa Week started in 2001 and continues to grow strongly. It was founded byRavi Bhanot and Balvir Bhalla. Its community projects are centred around East London.

The community work caught the imagination of people around the UK. Universities developed the concept into one day rather than one week of volunteering in 2009 and termed the project Sewa Day ( In 2016, 75,000 volunteers in 25 countries did voluntary or sewa work on this day. To date, projects have been to help relieve hardship, bring joy and help the environment.

Why Volunteer?
  • Learn and socialise with like minded Volunteers
  • Make a postive difference to Society
  • Keep Mind and Body fit through Sewa
  • Lead by example
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Organised by; Ravi Bhanot & Balvir Bhalla via;

Next event: Bone Marrow Swab Test
Sunday 8th of July, 11am - 3 pm
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